i'm back, didja miss me? it's been a scary week! forget about Hallowe'en, these health problems have been really scaring me. ready for the rest of the saga?

got back from the hospital last week... Tuesday? yeah. Wednesday, i wake up with a fever and a red streak up my arm, leading from the second IV spot. oh, joy, off to the dr again. guess who got a staph infection? oh, yeah, that would be me! so, second antibiotic to deal with that, because they don't have one (? or so i was told...) that will cover both the mastoiditis and and the staph infection.

Thursday, i'm sick, i'm miserable, i go to the dr to get my ear checked, he says i have to stay on the antibiotic for 8 more days. i spend the rest of the day and night throwing up. when i'm not being sick, i'm sleeping. just can't stay awake.

Friday, back to the dr. haven't held down food, drink, or meds in 36 hours, the lady at the desk takes one look at me and asks if i need a wheelchair, because i'm so shaky. i'm so worn out that i fall asleep in the lobby. dr sends me for blood tests, tells me that i can either get IV fluids there in the clinic, or i can go back to the hospital. i spend 3 hours in the clinic getting fluids and anti-nausea stuff. i get sent home with orders to not take any of my meds except the anti-nausea and the potassium tablets he ordered for me (my levels were so low that i was at risk for a heart attack).

Saturday morning, back to the clinic for another round of blood tests. i'm finally feeling better, haven't been throwing up, had some Gatorade, but still can't eat anything. turns out, dr says, that i'm allergic to the antibiotic that the other dr had given me for the staph infection! go figure, hey? he puts me on a whopping dose of good old penicillin to cover the bases (which, just for fun, other-husband is violently allergic to. as in, i can't kiss him on the mouth til after i'm done taking it) and tells me to come back if my arm gets red again or i get a fever or any of the other fun warning signs of infection returning.

finally, FINALLY, on Sunday, i feel almost human again. i even ate real food (well, a few bites)! (other-husband made potato bowls - mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, and cut up chicken nuggets.) my mom came over to help me find my kitchen under the week's worth of boy-squalor, and, aside from needing to sit down pretty often, i'm doing pretty good.


today, i went grocery shopping and took a nap. made dinner, then took a nap. other than my energy level being utter shit, i think i am finally almost healthy again. aside from the pain in my arm that the dr says might be nerve damage from the infection ( *sigh* just couldn't get away without a souvenir, i guess), and some lingering twinges in my ear, i feel pretty great. it's a nice change!

tl;dr? if it weren't for bad luck, i'd have no luck at all.

if you made it this far, thank you!