Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hey, GT, I need your help!

So I'm in the hiring process at a bar I really want to work at - I had a working interview on Sunday night, and I am waiting to hear when I will start training. I called back on Tuesday (and ended up double-calling due to a voicemail freak-out where it kept telling me to press buttons). She said they still needed to figure it out, and that the other manager would be in that night. Bear in mind that this place is super-busy and getting ready to open a second location. Logically I know that there would be no earthly reason to keep me hanging at this point, and that my double-call was annoying but excusable. I am nonetheless very anxious about not having heard from them yet. I figure I'll call tomorrow is I still haven't heard.



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