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Hey GT...long time no see. :)

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. My sister was here for a week, and right before she left, my body went crazy and I got all kinds of sick. TMI to follow, so stop reading if you're not into all kinds of medical overshare.

So I'm now on day 6 of feeling like death, and just now have the energy to do something besides whine on the couch that I'm dying. I cleaned up some of the house, and now I am trying to catch up on Jez/GT.

So anyway, I was feeling fine and enjoying my vacation until Tuesday morning, when I woke up peeing blood. Like, a lot of it. I went to Urgent Care, where they did a urinalysis, and no signs of infection. So, they had no idea what was going on and put me on antibiotics and a script for vicodin just in case it was a kidney stone or the beginning of an infection. Next day, I woke up with the worst migraine of my life. Ended up in ER later that day as I couldn't keep fluids down. Stupid ER doctor refused to give me any painkillers and instead just gave me Reglan and told me to go home and sleep it off. Next day, migraine is worse and I now haven't eaten or drank much for almost 48 hours, so I ended up back in the ER, where they finally gave me phenergan, benadryl, and dilaudid (after a lecture about how narcotics don't actually help migraines?). So I came home and slept for 18 hours straight. Then I woke up with a cold. Seriously. A fucking cold. Now I'm on day 3 of a terrible cold (actually, it might be the flu, but who knows, since I wasted so much $$$ on copays for worthless emergency room/urgent care visits, and I now have $0 to last me until pay day on Wednesday).


I still don't know why I was peeing blood (UA culture came back negative for infection), so that has me kind of worried, even though it seems to have stopped.

I was supposed to go back to work Thursday, but didn't, so now I have to feel better by Tuesday because I cannot afford to miss any more work.

So that's it. I had fun for the first part of my sister's visit. We swam with the sharks, went parasailing, went to Sea Life Park and pet a sea lion and a baby sea turtle, and all that jazz. I was going to post some pics and happy stuff, but I can barely go 5 minutes without a coughing fit, so it'll have to wait.

I have thus far survived on rice and bread for the last 4 days, so I'm going to be brave and try to make pasta for dinner. I'm sick of bland food. I want to eat!


Missed you, GT! I will try not to disappear again!

ETA: Added a picture of a baby sea turtle for you guys. :)


And a cute guy taking a cuter penguin for a walk

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