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Hey GT, my grandma could use some prayers/healing thoughts right now.....

I just found out my grandma on my dad’s side is having surgery right now for a blood clot in her brain. Her doctors had been taking a “wait and see” approach after she developed the clot after a fall the other day, but apparently she took a bad turn last night.

My dad’s pretty freaked, and he’s normally really calm and stoic so this is weird for me to witness. I feel like I should fly home to be there, although my aunts and uncles and stepmom are at the hospital with him so there’s not a whole lot I can do. And honestly, I’m having a hard time mustering ANY emotional response to any of this at all (I was disconnected from that side of the family for a loooong time after my parents divorced) so......yeah. Healing thoughts for my grandma and calming thoughts for my dad would be appreciated.


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