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Hey, guess what?!

I got myself a job today!


The practice I volunteer for just offered me a job I didn’t even have to apply for. Sweet! The pay is way less than my market value, but I’ve been unemployed for, like, awhile, so I went with it. My lineface response to the initial number lead to an offer of a 33% pay increase after three months (saying nothing can be a good negotiation tactic, btw), which brings me closer to what I’m worth and my previous pay level. Anyway, this job will increase my chances of grad school acceptance OR provide me with a way to break into healthcare management (the pay is low-ish, but the job title is good) if I decide to pivot away from grad school in favor of a career in healthcare admin and management instead of as a clinician. Management can make decent coin, so I may consider it. Like, maybe I want to be the HBIC, idk.

It’s a very independent position, I’m going to get to do everything the way that I want to do it and have a lot of autonomy. I’ll also be responsible for literally everything as the only employee of a small practice, so it’ll be a lot to juggle.

I think I’m going to get a plant.

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