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Hey guess what

I hate knitting now and FUCK THAT SHIT!!! So much rage, so much impotent rage. This tree is the tree of misery and you cannot have me satan.

Apparently every knitter ever can knit twists on the wrong side. Well awesome sauce for them, big dummy here is an American and I’m fucking quitting. I’ve literally spent 4 days unraveling and reknitting to get the same shit. What’s the definition of insanity again? How in the fuck is this hobby supposed to reduce my anxiety again? Fuck knitting, FUCK IT. Fuck my engaged friend because she’s not getting this sweater she’s getting a gift card to bath and body works. Fuck all the time and money and energy I spent on the piece of shit hobby IM OUT. I’m taking all my knitting shit (10 years of wasted time) going to woods and burying it in a shallow grave. Deleting my ravelry account, that’s right knitting I’m going over to goodreads now. I’m rereading the Harry Potter books because I fucking deserve some fucking whimsy in my life. I’m gonna take a walk OUTSIDE. Eat a duck knitting.


*my phone autocorrected dick to duck and it amused me so it stays, I'm living for me now.

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