For pointing out her racism. People are such haters.

Miley: Me and [producer] Mike WiLL were talking about it. He said, “For me, my biggest achievement has been working with a white girl—but for a white girl to work and associate with black producers, you’re being ratchet.” He’s like, “Why am I on the come-up if I work with you, but if you work with me, it’s like you’re trying to be hood?” It’s a double-standard. I didn’t really realize it, but people are still racist. It’s kind of insane. Like if I had come out [at the VMAs] with all white-girl dancers, and done the fucking “Cha Cha Slide”— same outfit, same everything — it wouldn’t have been bad. (YEAH WE WERE OFFENDED BECAUSE YOU DANCED WITH BLACK PEOPLE....JUST STOP, STOP NOW) But because of who I came out with, people got upset. Because they were girls from the club. They had thick asses. They were twerking. That’s what I want, though — I want real girls up there who can really party. The Baker girls [her backup dance crew, the L.A. Bakers] don’t give a fuck about me. They love me, but they’re not kissing my ass. They’re just excited to not be dancing at the club.

On how she wants you to want to hang out with her: I want to be the cool chick that everyone wants to be friends with. I want the people who watch my shows or watch my videos to be like, “She looks like the most fun person to hang out with ever. I want to be that girl’s best friend. I want to party with her.” It’s like, if you’re hanging out with Beyoncé, it’s almost like you’re hanging out with a goddess. She’s like a real queen. It’s a different realm. Where my thing is kind of the opposite. My shtick is I’m the homey.

Shut you're mouth Miley. Pick up your tongue, put it back in your mouth, and STAHP!!!!

Michael K from DListed gives the best analysis: If you said, “Watch out we got a real badass over here” after each of those quotes, you gave the perfect response.


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