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Hey, haircolor mavens!

I've been coloring my hair since I was about 12. It started with some Sun-In and temporary stuff, you know, it was innocent, it was the summer of love! (Not really, I'm just trying to make it sound like gateway hair color.)

Anywho, I've got all kinds of coloring tricks up my sleeves, but I've never done an unnatural, Manic Panic type color over unbleached hair. I love the look of bright colors and I'm currently homeschooling and not real-jobbing, so even in my 30s, I can get away with it! I'm just trying to get away from totally frying my hair. When I bleach it out, it turns to straw and if I try to go back to a normal color, it won't hold dye. Here's where I'm at:


(Kinja, can you flip those pictures for me? Thanks!)

The ombre look is only from previous coloring, the lightest part at the ends is from bleaching out for the lovely orange hair I had about this time last year. The second picture is hopefully a better idea of how dark my natural color is. That is the most naked hair I've had in 20 years. Damn.

So I'd like to do a purple or magenta, but not come out looking like that cherry brown that was (is?) so popular in the 90s. I don't want to look like I'm trying to go for a natural color. Blue is a possibility too, but I think with the orange-ish ends it would look a little funky.

I found one picture of teal over unbleached brown that looked beautiful, but the link didn't work, so I can't tell how dark the original hair color was.


Tell me yer stories! Gives me the advice, I needs it!

(Also, I just railed on my cousin and little brother for feeding Ebola panic when they're both anti-vax. The rage.)

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