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Today was Music Sunday, which meant that I had to have every single musical group at the church ready to perform (not the word we use when it comes to worship, but I'm goin for clarity here) today. In both services. Some of them twice.


That means 11 separate musical groups, five of which I directly conduct (although my job description only says I'm supposed to do one) and two of which I sing/play with (also not in my job description). The remaining four I still have to coordinate, although they mostly manage themselves. We also had one piece with EVERYONE. It included brass, piano, we didn't include the organ because he couldn't see me, and three separate choirs (adult, children, and high school). All conducted by one robot in a pretty black and white striped dress and red heels (David Bowie told me to put on my red shoes and dance the blues. And I always listen to Mr. Bowie.). So, lots of work for Shiny to get ready for today.

And did everything go exactly perfectly, no missed notes by anyone? No. Of course not. My child stood like a lump while the kids sang in the first service instead of doing the motions. My brand-new bell ringer got lost a couple of times, but she kept going and found her way back into the piece and NO ONE NOTICED. And a few other things of that nature: in other words, no major mess-ups, and nothing that anyone but the performers really knew was a mess-up. Except for Kilobyte deciding to go all sulky. But that's expected with kids. Did every group do a great job, both (or more) times and totally earn every bit of applause they got? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY.

Did the myriad of sound level changes, mic set-up changes, all the logistics of getting that many groups in and out and around each other all go swimmingly? FUCK YEAH.


So, to all the people at my job who still think that I suck, because I'm not the person who had my position 20 years ago, or because I'm not male, or because I not only allow but encourage more styles of music than the one they grew up with: SUCK MY ASS. KISS MY TOOTY FROOTY BOOTY. I rule, you drool, shut yer yap and bow down.

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