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Civil Rights and Activism

You guys, I started my swanky job. It was fantastic except for the following: nobody seems to be sure exactly why I was hired, outside of one specific task that will take maybe 1/20 of my contracted hours. I got the feeling that they hoped I'd be able to branch them out into more outreach, but they're really uncomfortable with moving into more overtly political strategies and I felt some pushback on anything resembling confrontation. They want me to lobby local officials to change a specific thing, but they don't want me to make said officials uncomfortable at all. They have been sending nice letters to these officials for years to no effect. I think that perhaps I just need to make the case that it's time for a new strategy, so I wrote a short paper. I would love love love any critique, because if I don't nail this they won't go for it. It's not in their wheelhouse. They have pictures of puppies on their Facebook page, which is soothing but not really helpful as far as creating new activists. You guys unpack this sort of stuff all the time, and I'm just learning, so I thought I'd offer it up for discussion.

It's here.


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