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Hey Hey Hey, Stahp

Apparently y'all are going full tilt over the Gawker article re KillerMartinis, which is fine, but now y'all are starting to dox yourselves in "solidarity." Stop that.

Here's the thing: regardless of which way you fall on KillerMartini as a friend, or the Go Fund Me, or Gawker Media, her piece now has to be defended by liberals. It is what it is. She's not alone, despite GM's CYA article.


Doxxing yourselves over it isn't going to help anyone and will just hurt yourselves. And it's unnecessary. The criticisms are from the liberal media in the long run have to happen to assert some cred that we're not all dupes. Like it or lump it. But when it comes down to it, liberals have no choice but to defend it.

So stop making it about you, stop tearing off your anonymity in some act of nobility, do not place yourselves in the line of fire as if you wrote the piece yourselves. Unless of course you're prepared to go through what's she's gone through. But don't make it a site-wide thing because I guarantee you others are not.


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