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Hey Hollywood: I have a pitch for you

Last week, my therapist ended the session by saying that next time we'll be talking about moving on. (YES. THANK YOU. I AM SO READY TO BE MOVING ON.) And he asked if anyone had a crush on me, and I responded with, "Not that I know of." So he asked if I had a crush on anyone, and I said, "Nobody appropriate," which of course made him ask what that meant, and I had to confess that I have a crush on my accompanist and that's not really professional, and he completely disagreed with me and said that it doesn't sound inappropriate at all. (I still think it is. But I tend to care less and less. Especially when I'm pretty sure one of the choir members said something about me and it made him blush like a 13-year-old girl.)


OK, I don't really do romance novels or rom-coms much, but how about a rom-com where both parties in the romantic pair are seeing the same therapist? And they're both struggling with their feelings, and whether or not to tell the other person, and the therapist has to try to steer them towards each other without being unprofessional about it and revealing that he/she is treating them both. It could be set mostly in the office, with flashbacks from the stories the main characters are telling, and at first it wouldn't be clear that they were talking about each other (maybe have more idealized versions of the other person in the flashbacks).



I want Queen Latifah as the therapist. Because I love her.

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