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So I can't open your post because spoilers because I am many episodes behind. I have six stacked up on my DVR, just waiting for the right hangover. I just want to know if this season sucks. I realize that's completely subjective, so let me share some thoughts.

I'm not impressed with Neverland, creeped out by Peter Pan, have been vehemently against this whole Emma-Hook ship from the beginning, and miss my Belle-Rumple regularity. I like interesting drama and I'm bored of the "Crisis of Conscience of the Week" trope (unless it's Rumple, because his arc is ongoing, conflicted, and has substantial narrative complexity). And what happened to, oh, I dunno, having some plot take place IN THAT ONE PLACE WHERE THE FAIRY TALES ALL COME FROM???

So, does this season suck? Is the dialogue getting any less cheesy?

No big spoilers, please, like So-and-So dies, but other stuff I'm cool with spoiling.


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