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If you’re squicked out by medical procedures involving needles, read no further!

Soooo... ok. Back story. I’ve been working my butt off helping my mother move for the last few weeks. So many stairs! About 4-5 days ago, my right knee started to swell. I tried to take it easy, but there was so much to do... Friday night, it was so swollen that my leg had no curve to it, it was just straight from my thigh to my calf. Ice, ibuprofen, elevation... nothing helped. Went to the walk-in on Saturday, the dr said, “Rest it, elevate it, ice it, take some ibuprofen.” :/ He said that if it didn’t go down, I’d need it drained (yeah, here’s the needle-y bit).

Today, I saw the rheumatologist for the first time (side note: I do have fibromyalgia, according to this dr, so it looks like a bunch of y’all were right.) He’s concerned that I may be developing rheumatoid arthritis, so he wanted to drain my knee then and there so he can run some tests on the fluid. He numbed it (which hurt and didn’t really work anyway. The curse of the red-head strikes again!), then used an uncomfortably-large-looking needle to drain off about 20ml of synovial fluid. It hurt. A lot. A LOT.


I have been using a cane (my pride is also slightly damaged *sigh* I hate it. At least it’s a cool looking cane.), so I’ve done my best to keep my not-inconsiderable weight off of it, but I had to stop at the store, and also drop off the rent money, so I wasn’t able to go home and rest it right away. I did put it up and ice it when I got home, and have mostly been sitting since, but IT HURTS. It hurts enough that when I bent it to sit down, I nearly cried. I know I whimpered. It’s currently giving little pain pulses in time with my heartbeat, in spite of the ice pack I have on it.

Anyone who has had this procedure: Is this normal? I thought that once some of the pressure was off, it would feel better, not 10 times worse! I mean, I know that there was a big needle jammed in there, I wasn’t expecting it to be magically pain free immediately, but this seems excessive to me. I live with pain on a daily basis, and I can ignore a lot of it, but this is really, really painful. I can neither bend nor straighten it fully, and it hurts even when I’m being careful not to move it.

It pretty much sucks right now :(

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