Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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hey, loves~

Just in case anyone was wondering, I’m still alive in this world.

Tonight I checked Groupthink after not checking for many months.


I’ve lost too much to describe. Too fucking much. The past year has been brutal. But I put my 2 feet on the floor every morning & then Wally jumps off the bed to wag & greet me. Most nights he snuggles his butt up to mine, which is excellent. We then start another day with hope. Mookie went up a little higher last March.


I’m so sorry I left without a trace. I can’t promise when I’ll come back, but I CAN promise I’ll be here with you for Sunday. Maybe Monday.

You beautiful diamonds taught me SO MUCH over the years & held me close when needed. I remember so many screen names that have gone on to other things & that is okay.


I need you to know that deep in my heart, y’all mean so much to me. The education was & is world class.

The knowledge. The humor. The pictures & gifs. The GREAT advice. Knowing there is a deep well of kind & beautiful souls here. Be proud of that.


much love~

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