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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hey, Mitches...I'm DRUNK! (Real Husbands of Hollywood, Robin Thicke...and shit)

1) First night in a while where I could get drunk and allow myself to be happy. August has been FUCKING rough for many of us.

2) I'm wasted.

3) Real Husbands of Hollywood is funny as hell. Please watch. Side note...Robin Thicke quit the show because it was "ruining his brand," well, fuck you, culture vulture. How's your "brand" today?


4) I love Real Husbands of Hollywood...

5) My unfortunate mention to dispatch when I went to visit my husband yesterday, prior to my run. * Went to visit husband before work and he got called out. My question to dispatch prior to my run:

"Where's the call coming from? I would like to avoid that street; don't feel like getting shot tonight."


I meant that because domestic violence calls are the most likely to become a god damn flame out, but it came out sounding like I was scared to get shot because I'm POC. Freudian slip, I guess?

At least dispatch chuckled.

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