And I found this out by losing my thumb drive. Oh wait, should I have led with this?

It happened sometime between my Thursday afternoon miracle class (as in it's a miracle I actually got another class) and Friday morning when I opened up my thumb-drive wallet and saw it not being there. This is kind of a big deal: it has most of the work I've done over the past 3 years, including my dissertation (which is backed up, thank God).

I looked everywhere I could think for it at school and home. Best case scenario right now is that it just hasn't made it to lost & found yet. Worst case: someone stole it for the purposes of identity thieving, saw there was none to be had and dumped it.

I was freaking out about it yesterday after it didn't turn up in the two places I thought it would be. I did do some obsessive checking and re-checking of places where it might have been. But, and here's the difference, I was still able to focus on other things. A year ago, it would have been consuming my mind so much that I would be literally sick with worry by this point. The anxiety is there. I can feel it. But it's like a really noisy party happening in the room below me: enough to be a nuisance but not so much that I can't sleep.

Oh, and on top of that, we had to scramble around the house looking for whatever scraps of cash we could find and rolling up the coins so we could get it to the bank. And yet I'm still not totally freaked out. Interesting.