So it seems like there's a nice confluence of events here where a subject that's near to my heart has been brought up a couple times and the board has been visited by the Drama Faerie in a way that relates. This, to me, presents me with an opportunity to say something about both things simultaneously and break my "no serious posts" rule for a day.

This isn't a call-out post or anything of the sort however. This is not aimed at a specific person so much as an attitude that, I think, we can all have from time to time.

Anyways, Pride is coming up where I live and, like a lot of places, I find that Pride sort of tends to lead to a lot of coming togethers of those of us in the Alphabet Soup community and a lot of loud and yell-y State of the Union-y type discussions. As a white, gay, cisgendered fella, I get to hear a lot of how people from various other corners of the community might feel excluded or marginalized. How an event that is supposed to be inclusive has ended up as feeling anything but.

Now, a lot of times these discussions(and other discussions just in general), can sometimes make someone like me feel like they're cast in an ill-fitting and unfair position of "The Establishment" and in the position of having to defend my relative position of privilege. A lot of times it feels like me and my musical-theatre-varied-opinion-havers are coming under fire or that I am being asked to apologize for every bad encounter someone might have had with someone who looks vaguely like me. A lot of times, I think these people are wrong and that they're living with their heads up their own butts.

That said? I like listening to them. It's important for me to. I'm not in charge of anything but I know what it's like to feel marginalized and excluded and I want all members of this wacky community to have a voice. Yeah, I'm not responsible for a shitty thing some gay guy might have said to someone but if that person thinks that what that gay guy said is indicative of a larger problem? Well, it's important for me to get everyone's perspective and recognize that it's coming from a different place than mine and there might be things I'm not aware of or am blind to with all of my relative establishment mentality.


And you know what? A lot of times, I still disagree with these peoples. I still think that they're super self-centred and douchey. But that's not going to preclude me giving them a shot. Could I get all defensive and jerky and "Let me tell you all about a little place called Stonewall"? I mean, I'm sure I could and lord knows I'm not always perfect about this, but as someone who's not super-savvy politically and way behind on his theory I'm always open to the idea that I've got my head up my own butt too.