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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey remember when (now with live updates!)

Everyone called Mark Shrayber abusive for tricking his boyfriend into going to see Wetlands?
(Okay not everyone, but quite a few people were super upset about it which I still find hilarious.)
Well Netflix has it and I’m gonna watch it tonight. We’ll see if it’s good and if it really is the grossest movie of the year.
Here’s a link to Mark’s story about it, if you want to relive old times:


Any GT’ers seen it? Am I going to regret watching this while I’m sick? (Not puking or any gross type of sick, but my mind is not functioning at it’s best right now.)

ETA: Guess I’m gonna do live updates as I watch this because people are interested. So be forewarned, there be spoilers and probably grossness below. Will just do a comment thread with myself so people are less likely to accidentally see it.

ETA2: I finished it! I’m not going to give any spoilers in the main body here, but I’ve got to say, I would STRONGLY recommend it if you think you can deal with the gross stuff. Mark makes it sounds grosser than it is, it’s not actually very graphic, most of the stuff is just described. And the plot is definitely worth it - it’s cute, the characters are amazing, and it’s pretty complex.

ETA3: Also I have a seriously high tolerance for gross, soo you all might find it grosser than I did. I would still give it a try and see if you can handle it though, because it’s worth it.

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