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Hey romance writers! Are there any of you on here?

A friend of mine is a burgeoning romance writer (yes, she's agented) and she has started a cool new thing to benefit writers called Romance Writer Chat.

Long story short, she's a member of the RWA (Romance Writer's Association for n00bs like me) but she's been pretty disappointed in their social media presence. One of the things she noticed in her online writer forums and in talking with other romance writers in general is that a lot of them don't know how to self-promote online, which is Not Good. She actually found her agent through Twitter during #PitchWars, which is a Twitter chat event that another writer created a couple years ago to help writers craft pitches and find agents, so she has a soft spot for the internet. Her blurb is this:

Writing can be a very solitary activity, and the publishing industry can be as confusing as it is exciting. Add in all the challenges unique to writing romance and it can be very difficult to navigate. #RWChat was created to let the members of our amazing community get together and hash out those difficult areas with the help of some industry experts.


So, the deal with the chats is she has smart guests come and talk with writers about promoting their work on Twitter (meaning they talk on Twitter, not all the chats will be about Twitter). That's the whole thing. The first chat is this Sunday.

The guests for this first chat are Rachel Miller, a social media extremely smart person whose whole job is telling companies how to connect with people smartly, and Brenda Drake, the launcher of the aforementioned very successful Pitch Wars and published author.

Anyways this post is probably going to dox me somehow but whatever I do it for my friends. I figure if there are any romance writers roundabout on GT you guys might want to be a part of this. You'll be hanging out on the internet anyway, right?

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