That I misplaced?

I dislike my roommate. I perceive him to be a womanizer who says he wants a relationship them goes out and dates many different ladies, without taking responsibility for their feelings, and never introduces them to us, making for many awkward moments.

He also made a deal with us, and then dropped it by suddenly avoiding us instead of saying he could no longer pay for it straightforward like. So in general I think he is skeevy and wears too much cologne.

So we use the same kind of soap, and I could not find ours, so i asked him about it. I was cold and sharp when I asked and he got defensive, and then my husband went and found our bottle of soap right away.

So now I realize I was just taking the opportunity to be annoyed with him for something he did not do instead of fairly saying what i am actually annoyed about.


Like his belief in conspiracy theories and the second sun in our solar system. As if there was a second sun we just didn't know about Hiding Behind the other one?

As well, he has brought a number of (different?same?) ladies home that i would like to befriend or at least be friendly towards but not knowing if they are one night stands, if we have met before, or really who they are at all makes it uncomfortable. And they are noisy in the middle of the night. And sometimes the ladies have this happy content look on their face like "he likes me and i like him" and it bums me out because I know they are not the Only Lady and Everyone else knows more about what is going on then they seem to. But that is not my business even if I can see (and hear it).

Oh well at least he did not steal our Dr. bronners. And i wish his ex girlfriend (who was a sweetheart) would take him back .... And i wish i was more compassionate because he was sincerely bummed about that breakup. And everyone is allowed to be a bit stupid after a breakup.


Help me feel better with cat gifs and anecdotes about handling roommates! I want to be less judgey about his habits. And smell.