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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey Sunday - Abrupt Mornings and OT

How is everyone’s Sunday starting off? I just got word that my husband’s best friend had to have emergency surgery last night. Husband is away on travel, so it looks like I am getting on a train at some point today to go keep the friend company/relieve his partner for a bit and see if I can be of any help. Any suggestions on good things to keep someone occupied while they are stuck in the hospital for several days?

And because my life revolves around my old dog these days, I have been researching doggie diapers. Anyone have any experience with these? He’s a small chihuahua if that makes a difference. I take him out a billion times a day, but he is still having accidents. I’m afraid it’s going to ruin our flooring, even though I am hyper vigilant. Also, I need some sleep because I am up 2-3 times a night running him out the door every time I hear him stir. He just had a full spectrum of blood tests 3 weeks ago and all his kidney functions, etc...were fine so I think it’s just him being old, having dementia, etc... But he needs to go back for vaccination updates next month anyway, so we will get those checked again.


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