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Hey TV Shows, Why So Violent, Gory, Bloody?

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I'm really starting to have a big problem with TV and how violent, gory and bloody it is. Are Americans really that thirsty for carnage? Everyone is talking about last night's Game of Thrones and how intense it was, how sad, shocked, angry they are, but really it made me want to quit watching entirely. Is that level of gore really necessary? Is there some quota of throat-slicing they must meet every episode? Because last night they surpassed it.


Another example, the new NBC show Hannibal. I find the character of Hannibal fascinating, but the gore is a real turn off for me. Last week's episode featured a totem pole of body parts.

Is it really not possible to produce good TV with a little less blood? I seems it used to be. I realize that sometimes it is necessary to show violence to illustrate the horror of an event but it has gotten really out of hand.

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