I like your bras. I really do, which is why I keep buying them. I've finally figured out that my least traumatic way to go bra shopping is to just order the exact same bra when one of them breaks. Because I hate going to a store and trying on the three bras in the store that actually come in my size and finding that they're all uncomfortable/ugly/really weird-fitting. And I can't just buy bras online because despite getting fitted every time I go bra shopping, I can try on 10 different bras in the same size and half of them will be too big and half of them will be too small and 9/10 will just be way weirder on a person than on a hanger. BUT YOU KEEP DISCONTINUING MY FAVORITE BRAS, AND NOW I HAVE TO GO BRA SHOPPING FOR REAL AND IT MAKES ME SO SAD!

Please stop doing that.