I am trying to Clean up my life, because it's a disaster. You might be able to benefit from this. Want a dress?

I bought this dress maybe about 6-7 years ago, in Toronto's Chinatown. I have worn it once, and have never since found a reason to wear it. I've come to terms with my lack of whimsy, but it might find a good home with GTer.

Here is what it looks like on (note the zipper is never centred):


I am bad with measurements, and the dress does not seem to have sizing. The material is stretchy. I am 5'9, and about a size 4-6 (I have no idea... Depends on the store). But I'm pretty sure that I wore this dress when I was between an 8-10 a few years ago. So it may be a one size fits many kinda thing.


I will ship this dress anywhere in North America... And I hate playing favourites or judging contests; so I'll make this easy and send it to the 1st person who posts the shoes they plan to wear with the dress. (I know this is a bit off season; but I've been purging my closet to make room for fall... Thems the breaks).

ETA: So Medusa, the dress is yours. I'll look out for your email. Sorry if people wanted a real contest... I just have no interest in judging a contest. Hence the title. Something for nothing....