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Hey, where's my jaw? OH WAIT - it's on the damn floor!

*POTENTIALLY VERY TRIGGERING* Um, what in the ever-loving hell is this "Fat Shaming Week" on Twitter? Is this a real thing? Are we all being trolled? WHAT? I read about this on BuzzFeed. Apparently, some website called Return of the Kings tried to get this horrible thing started at the beginning of this week. I guess it hasn't made that big of a splash in the internet world (GOOD!). BuzzFeed quotes their post:"Hurting people’s feelings is the quickest way to get them to change." OH MY GOD, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS.


You are not serious.




Now I want to cry.

And punch things. Like douchebag people who have no empathy or basic human decency. I think you've worn a hole into your Judgey-McJudgey pants, assholes! Time to take them off!

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