I am growing out a short do. It looked all sleek and lovely, but now I'm in that in between phase and I'm having issues. I'm mixed so my curls are kind of loose, tighter in other places (the left side of my head and back is actually way curlier than the right- from sleeping on the right I think).

Any ideas on styling, products, a more manageable cut to assist me in this hell process of growing the mess out? I've been using Miss Jessie and this metal alligator clips to hold it down until it dries into a helmet, maybe with a pincurl in the front (like bobs big boy), or slicking it all back- or on a bad day throwing a vintage turban on it and calling it a day. It's getting a bit long for all of that. My biggest problem is my hands are too shaky from med issues to just braid it (my husband will if he's home- but he works before me). Help?

Pictures to help:

What I normally do- then I pin the sides back- but it is hard as a helmet, and still goes curly halfway through the day.

I woke up like this- and I love the curl, but it needs help. (Focus only on the hair please- I am not my best)


ideas? I don't want to cut it, as I'm trying to grow it out- but I could be convinced if it is something more easily maintained than my last cut. I do miss the huge mane I had though.