I know it's this morning's news, but I'm frustrated with the coverage and I've been stewing in it all day.

I'm going to first say that I'd appreciate civility here, I'm going to try to articulate this as best I can, but I may come across in a way I don't intend.

The way this panned out, I agree with the SC ruling. I'm disappointed that the buffer zone law was passed in such a way that it was this easy to strike down, but it was. I am absolutely in favor of a system that better protects clinic patients from the gauntlet of protestors, but I'm still trying to think of feasible options. It's especially difficult because laws on harassment and assault vary from state to state, so it's harder to come up with something that could help across the board.

I hope I'm not coming across as sympathetic to pro-birth assholes, it's the first amendment that is intended to be protected by this ruling, not them. How do we go about this without opening the door to first amendment restrictions?

Also, the SCOTUS buffer zone is on federal property, not the same as public property.

This wasn't very cohesive, apologies. Please don't skewer me.