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Hey, Y'all! Guess what?

I just got back from grocery shopping!!! Ok, not a big deal for most people, but for us, this was a big deal today. We finally got re-approved for food stamps, and they came in this morning!!! I have fresh fruit! and veggies! and bread! Things that are not in a can! For those food-lovers who are interested in what I got, keep reading...

Strawberries, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas.

Carrots, baby carrots, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers, garlic, bell peppers, bagged salad, bagged spinach.


Hot dogs (giant pack), ham and turkey lunch meat, liver sausage, 3 packages knackwurst, cocktail wienies, cheeeeeeeeeeese (co-jack, Monteray jack, sharp cheddar, swiss, colby, munster), yogurt, kefir, chocolate milk, vanilla almond milk.

Frozen corn, peas, mixed veg, and California mix. Frozen burritos (beef and bean, bean and cheese), chicken nuggets, GF chicken nuggets, fries, GF blueberry pancakes.

Wheat bread, oat bran bread, 2 bags hot dog buns, GF bread, GF banana muffin mix, wheat thin crackers, triscuit-type crackers, garlic crackers, Kix cereal (GF), Combos.

Tuna (4 cans), hamburger dill pickles, potato chips, tortilla chips, apple juice (2), and chocolate covered donuts!


All of this was from Aldi, and it was a grand total of $107.33. I love Aldi. I love them even more since they have so much GF stuff now! I am, however, very sad that meat has gotten so damn expensive. Pork is cheapest, then chicken, and beef is... well, I’m not going to be getting any for awhile :/

I am SOOOOO happy I finally got to go shopping. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I could pick up more than a couple of things. And I just realized I forgot eggs. Argh.

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