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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hey-yo, Slate!

I usually kind of take anything on Slate with a grain of salt because articles can be click-baity and sometimes not very well thought “think pieces”, but I am quite enchanted with this skewering of CNN, starting with its headline:

CNN Gives Evenhanded Consideration to Idea of Throwing Bill of Rights in Garbage

My favorite quotes, with my favorite pieces of them emphasized:

It’s a pretty open-and-shut discussion given that Rahami is an American citizen who was arrested in America—but, hey, gotta hear both sides, right?



To CNN’s very limited credit, the person they brought on to address the question of whether a man arrested and held in secure custody in New Jersey should be treated like a foreign soldier being apprehended amid the chaos of an active battlefield was legal writer Jeffrey Toobin, who, not being a dope, answered “no.”

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