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"Heyy let's go on a date!"

Nowhere near as silly or crazy as some of Whiskey's stuff, but I am mildly amused by this guy who sent me a one line date request (the headline) just now on OKC. Better than "Hi" or "Hey do you like me?" (of which I have gotten approximately 20 variations in the last 32 hours), but pretty damn presumptuous.

My response:

Heyyyy you're kinda forward for a guy with a 65% match who hasn't even tried to have a conversation with me yet. Not to mention outside of my age and location ranges :/


His response:

I actually go to [[large university that includes my law school]]. But anyway, true. However I'm down to take a chance and risk it, so the only way we're not going on this date is if you're not down.

Not a terrible response, but like... of course the only way we're not going on this date is if I say no? Like, yeah, if I say no we won't go on a date. Or, in other words, if I don't say YES, we won't go on a date. Is this some kind of PUA reverse psychology or does he just phrase things weird?

I'll let Lana Kane take it from here:


Usually I'm a lot nicer, but he rubbed me the wrong way. Literally the only thing his profile says is "Looking for action, not friendzone ;) girls, bring it on!"

ETA: He's 18, so part of it is just that he is my baby brother's age and I set a hard age limit on my profile. Maybe that provides some context here, too.

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