How you doin'? 'Cause you folks are looking great. You seem to really be holding up well with the whole 'shut down government' thing.

I'm chatting up you fine (and I mean fine) people today because I saw that ELF Villains line over on the MP, and I might need them. In fact, I do need them. I need them with every fiber of my make-up addicted self. ELF cosmetics does ship to Canada, and there is on online retailer for them here, BUT this line is exclusive to 'select Walgreens' in America.

This is clearly unacceptable.

Sooooo, I'm just gonna lay it on the line here, who wants the start a clandestine makeup smuggling ring and send me makeup (that I will totally pay you for, obviously)? Perhaps with the fine extra bonus of adorable hand-written letters on polka-dot stationery? And stickers? Possibly a personalized tour of Toronto if you ever come up?



Edit: It appears a few people are willing to check out their local Walgreen's for me! This is so exciting! If you do find some of the Ursula makeup set or the Ursula nail set, email me at liztaylorsearrings @ (or reply here) and we shall come to a glorious new business agreement!