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HGTV needs to suspend the Gaines until they denounce their pastor

I despise HGTV but will give them credit for hqving a diverse group of people looking for homes or renovating or contestants on Flea Market Flip. Except on show the with the Gaines. They call themselves devout Christians yet their pastor calls homosexuality a “sin”. This belief if the Gaines holds as well is contrary to everything HGTV and its viewers stand for.

They need to answer if this is their position. If so, they need to be fired. This country has no room for racists or homophobes. They chose to be homophobes if they agree with this preacher of theirs.


By having the Gaines on HGTV normalizes homophobia. Maybe the Gaines disagree with their pastor, if so good for them and may they have many more good seasons on tv. If not fire them.

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