Hey you lot! For a few of you, this post will be confusing because you may not have realized I went anywhere. For others, you may have seen me around various GM sites. This, however, is mostly focused on those of you here who don't recognize my name.

So hi! I'm Celia. I've been a mod since the pre-Kinja days. Oh yes, back when trollpatrol was a thing! I also guided you through the transition to Kinja and helped setup the Groupthink we know and love today with your other mods :) I merely haven't been around much this past year but I'm wearing my old modpants and they feel lovely (plus make my butt look fab).

So hello old friends and new. Just figured it's fair to remind the community of who's moderating what now ;) Feel free to say hai when you see me around now.

ETA: A picture of the GM-site famous Monster