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Hi everybody...

Um, things in the news are being super triggery for me right now, and I want to write about them, but at the same time I feel like it's just what in OCD is called reassurance. Also, I'm afraid what I say will anger people. Any advice?

(For the record, it's all about Shit In My Head, not actual actions on mine or anybody else's part)

What's really weird, though, is that have another Trick Or Treat that I want to write, so I'm afraid if I post that it will be emotionally weird to have people reading both around the same time.


This probably doesn't make any sense at all.

Edit: i think i'm going to put it on my personal blog first, as per Aunt Kanye's suggestion.

ETA: it's on my blog. I... I don't know. I want to go away after this.

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