Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So some terribly misguided person seems to have given me posting privileges here and even though I probably won't use them much, I thought I'd say hello.

If you haven't learned all about my life from my posts here's the shorthand. I'm a guy in my late 20's who lives in Toronto with his IT nerd boyfriend. Professionally, I do something relatively benign in a relatively evil industry. I do my best to be funny.


I know these posts usually involve questions or prompts for further discussion so feel free to ask me absolutely anything you want in the comments, provided it's about Marx Brothers movies, playing bass(poorly) or the 1998-1999 Toronto Maple Leafs.

Edit: I wanted to add this just because it's one of my favourite comedy bits regarding feminism and because it sort of naturally came up in the comments but here's "Womyn" by Kids in the Hall

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