Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi everyone!

I just got back from vacation! I'm sure most of you had no idea I was gone, but I was, and now I'm back. There were several times during my trip that I thought "ooh I should post this to GT!" and then I didn't, because I knew it would suck me in and then distract me from actually being outdoors and enjoying real life things. The only exception is when I was by myself in the beach house and got really freaked out over what turned out to be nothing. Thanks for reassuring me, GT.

So a summary of my trip, for those that are interested:

-Went to Hawaii with two friends (a coworker of bearddamnheroes and her girlfriend).


-Stayed in a beautiful beach house on Oahu FOR FREE. It had a fucking infinity pool and hot tub.

-Lots of beach time and hiking.

-Had one very scary beach experience, where an older lady collapsed on the beach, and lifeguards rushed over and started compressions. They shocked her, and she became responsive and started having some color back in her face. I was watching the whole thing from a distance in a state of horrified shock until they took her away in an ambulance. I'm still hoping she's ok...


-Lots of snorkeling. We didn't do any sort of tour-type groups, just went out from the beach to various coral reefs. Swam with multiple sea turtles. They looked like this handsome guy:

Illustration for article titled Hi everyone!

-Drank out of a pineapple.

-Spent the trip confused as to whether I was supposed to respond to people's alohas with "Aloha" or "Hello". Also perpetually confused about the hang-loose hand signal people kept giving me. I guess it was adopted into surfer culture from Hawaiian culture as a type of greeting (or so Wikipedia tells me), but I still don't know if I was expected to do it back as I belong to neither of those cultures.


Hawaii is really amazingly gorgeous, and I didn't want to leave. Chritter, why did you ever leave??

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