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Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a lot of computer problems and so it’s difficult for me to keep up to all kinja stuff. Typing on mobiles is haaaaaard. But I’ve missed you crazy kids so I thought I’d make a wee post.


I haven’t been reading as much, but I recently read a really good spine-tingling called the Bones of You by Debbie Howells. It’s being marketed as a cross between the Lovely Bones and Gone Girl, but I really think it’s not much like Gone Girl at all. The book is a about a teenage girl who is found dead in the woods. The narration switches between the dead girl’s POV from beyond the grave and a woman whose daughter was friends of a sort with the victim. I like how information is slowly released to you. The book will be released on June 30th if you’re interested.

I also watched Southcliffe earlier this week. Fantastic British miniseries, although it did leave me wanting a lot more. It felt unfinished, but perhaps that was the intention.


I haven’t been doing much new stuff. The ED support group is becoming difficult because one person is regularly triggering me to the point where that person’s voice is a pre-trigger. I actually completely dissociated this week, which was scary. Roller derby is not going well - I’m having a lot of mental blocks that are keeping me from moving forward. So I have a lot of work to do concerning my resiliency.

I’ve also made a new friend who is a devout Christian - the type I normally roll my eyes at. But I’ve been keeping an open mind and we’ve actually had some really good talks about religion and how her particular group works. I’m kinda proud of myself for that because this is unlike any other friendship I’ve had and it’s nice to see that I can branch out. I am worried about her thoughts on LGBTQ issues, though. Her group is extremely conservative (she is a bit less conservative then the majority), and I don’t particularly want to know if she thinks I should burn in hell or something. Although she does believe that witchcraft corrupts the soul, so I’m probably damned anyway.


So tell me what’s new with you!


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