Quick OOC and share for the morning crowd

This is DyloniusFunk and i'm taking part in Napsauce's game.

For those who don't watch anime or perhaps have been living on the moon for the past decade, i am Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. I'll be sticking to the manga/Brotherhood storyline and we'll see how much of the story i can get to in one 24 hour period. If that fails i'll just post random stuff in character. And if you've never done a text rpg before, OOC means Out Of Character so if i say something after that it means i'm talking normally.

Hi everyone....not really sure what i'm doing

So my name is Edward Elric and i'm a State Alchemist. My brother and I are doing research into new forms of alchemy and just discovered this new service that's connecting all of Amestres. My brother thinks it's so cool. Right now he's "email"-ing our friend back home. I don't know myself but as an alchemist i'm always willing to look for the truth wherever i can. Anyway, we have to catch a train and my time on this public terminal is almost up. So i'll catch ya next time i'm near one of these....Al what did you call them? Computers huh? What? You're saying i don't need to type everything i'm saying? That's a good idea, better delete this before hitting send...crap!