I wanted to stop in and say hi, and let those of you expecting prints know that everything is all packed and ready to go, but I probably won’t ship stuff out until after I return from London in a few weeks—just a heads up!

Now, let’s shoot the shit, what’s happening? I am, at the moment, trying to find some science fiction to watch. I tried the other night to watch Dr Who but holy shit that show is cheesy. Which I could get into, but need to be in a mood. Started Twin Peaks, which is amazing, but not much in the mood right now. Really really want to watch Contact but HBOGo is being an asshole at the moment. Has anyone watched the show Ascension? I started it on a whim a few weeks back and ended up binge watching the whole season. It’s...like, not that great, but also maybe just what I needed or something?

Now I want to watch Funny Girl, because Omar Sharif. But, iTunes pretends I haven’t bought like 80% of the movies I KNOW I have. I hate technology sometimes...

So instead, West Side Story. I was on vacation with my parents and son over the 4th and we watched WSS and The Music Man. My son was totally enchanted and I was soooooo happy :-) I have to admit I hadn’t seen The Music Man before seeing Romy & Michelle so that “The Wells Fargo Wagon” song is forever attributed to Lisa Kudrow, for me.


So, I have finally started to shift my place around as I am not leaving, in the end. I had my son up in the mezzanine but it seemed like a waste of space because half the time would come down to sleep with me (and I was always paranoid he’d take a tumble down the stairs in the middle of the night). So, I put his bed under the stairs. My kid is now a literal person under the stairs. Upstairs I moved all my workspace and it houses all his toys and stuff. When I get back from London, I HANG ART! I have soooo much art just waiting to be hung. But I have to get a bunch of shit framed.

Speaking of London, not only is there Savage Beauty, but I just found out that a small YSL exhibit opened, yay!!


Soooooo give me the scoop, any fun and exciting, interesting or totally mundane news? Share share I am doing nothing but Interneting on a Saturday!!!