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Hi Groupthink! I need a binge-viewing recommendation. I just finished The West Wing, so I think I'll be good for a bit, but I'd love some suggestions on what to watch next. I see that The Shield is on Hulu in its entirety, but I think I need some space from middle-aged male anti-heroes. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I need a break. Something lady-centric or with a family feel? Rom-coms make me roll my eyes too much. I love dark stories, but I may want to hold off for now. I don't go to streaming sites that make me feel like I'm going to give my computer chlamydia, so that limits some things. I've had a dark-stories kind of summer, and now it's fall, and maybe something heartwarming but smart is in order. Or fully-fleshed-out women, who strive for strength when they are vulnerable (yes, I've seen OITNB). I don't do "reality tv." A friend of mine had this horrible, defeated air about him when he was an editor on Rock of Love. There are no good things in "reality tv." Please keep suggestions to narrative fiction. There's a lot that I've seen, but please, do suggest your favorites!


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