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(Updated to add: K-9)

I’ve been lurking, and using a burner for a few months now. When GOMI started talking shit about me I decided not to give them any fuel for their hate-on party. So I deleted all my posts and ran on silent. I’ve since been told that the GT section of GOMI got shut down. I was just too weighed down by other things to get off the burner until now.


The divorce has gotten uglier than ever. And I’m not sure how much I can safely talk about from a legal standpoint. Just please believe me when I say I’m in hell and this is, no contest, the worst year I’ve ever lived.

The mysterious health stuff is slightly less mysterious (but just as frustrating). I’ve seen a few specialists (but still not the one I’ve wanted to see since the spring). Autoimmune hepatitis is looking most likely, though my family doc also wants to look into Addison’s disease and possibly a specific kind of (benign) adrenal tumor.


K-9 continues to be huge and fluffy. He’s mostly a really good boy but he’s gotten super protective when people come into the house. I’ve tried to enlist local friends to come over so I can train the bad behavior away but got nobody willing to help. All my best friends live WAY too far away to do anything. I’ll keep trying.

The fish are, I dunno, fish? The shrimp, alas, vanished. And now, thanks to divorce/support stuff, I’m too broke to make rent so buying more or buying the beta like I planned is off the table.


It’s not all horrible. The boyfriend continues to be awesome. The Little Daleks are still my favorite people in the world. And we’ve been getting lots of rain and thunderstorms this summer which has been a lifesaver (no AC - so wet, cloudy weather does wonders for keeping it cool).

Groupthink, I just can’t quit you.

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