Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

HI GT! (Also - a question...)

Guys, it’s been forever! I’ve been crazy busy, but I thought I’d say hi! How is everyone? I’ve been good! I went to Japan for my birthday and loved it! It was amazing! Also starting a new job Monday - had to escape my racist and misogynist boss. Long story, but I’m fine lol

I also have a question - y’all, when I was in japan I was at his pub and we had these delicious fried whole small fish (I think they were anchovies). And they were served head and all and you just pop the whole thing in your mouth. I can’t remember though if they were gutted or not? So after scaling these things, do I just fry them up whole? I’m finding mixed results online. HALP!


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