It's been awhile! I literally have no time anymore! How's it going you guuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyssssss?

I'm still stripping. I give zero fucks about what anyone thinks about me stripping now. My parents know, my day job knows, pretty much everyone and their brother knows (more on that later). The Christmas season was rough, with most nights only making $50 at most after it was all said and done. No good will and cheer for your friendly neighborhood adult entertainer. So instead of paying off the huge pile of debt my ex put me in, I was sort of backsliding. Now I've been having $100-$600 (!!!!) nights again (yaaaaay tax refund time), so I'm starting to make a dent again.

Everyone knows I'm a stripper now because my ex (but not ex-husband yet, still being a dick about divorcing me) hacked into my facebook and changed my information so that everyone could see exactly which gentleman's cabarets I work at. Charming. He also decided to claim me on his tax return, which means I won't get a dime back until I file an injured spouse claim.