Are any of you ever in a terrible mood for no reason at all?

I've been in a bad mood all the live long day. I have no reason for this. Nothing actually happened to me.

I am taking the David Sedaris thing TOTALLY personally. (for the record, I think he's a schmuck for writing about his sister after she asked him not to write about her. ) And all these people are posting on my FB page about how much they love the story and he's just dealing with his pain. How? By making a lot of money doing the one thing that would really hurt her? Bravo.

(see, way too personally, I don't even know these people.)

All the things are sending me into full-on rage mode. Stupid shit from stupid people I should not care about at all. Some guy sent me a note "I hope you have an amazing Tuesday!" I want to punch him in the face.