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Hi, I'm Korra and I'm a Sugar Addict

So I have a damn yeast infection and all the stuff I'm doing to fight it fucking sucks. Tea tree oil, yogurt, vinegar- all of this going in my mouth and/or my nethers, it's is driving me crazy, and I'm tired of it. Do you know what pussy brain freeze is? It's when you put frozen yogurt in your vagina. And it sucks. It sucks to not be able to have sex if you want to. It kills your confidence (I'm single, but Pride is this week and I was hoping for at least some heavy petting). But the worst part about it is that I can't eat any fucking sugar while I'm dealing with this. Not even fruit sugar.

I'm dying, you guys. I don't do hard drugs, I only smoke weed and hookah- and those are done *very* sparingly, I don't drink a lot, I stay away from caffeine, I'm unhappily single and generally unsexed and depressed. Sugar and exercise are all I've got, and exercise only makes me horny. Sugar just makes me happy and calm, yet energized. This infection has taken away my security blankie and I was so anxious it was kind of a problem.

I'm scared, GT. Hold me close and let me get through the Sugar shakes and irritability in the meantime!


P.s. I find it very telling that the stock model for "sugar addiction" is the same as the "cure your yeast infection" model. Why is she smiling in both of them anyway? Is she just a super evil villian?

ETA: I forgot to add the pics. Whoops!

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