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Hi it's Me, You're a DICK.

So my good friend, who was vegetarian until she became pregnant and was a VERY smug vegetarian when she was, is now telling me all kinds of horror stories about how TERRIBLE it's going to be for me when I'm pregnant (I am, but she does not know this) because I'm vegetarian. Now look, I don't give shit that she eats bacon now, except that if I were the one who'd gone that route when pregnant before her I would never hear the end of it.

So today we're texting and she wants me to go to this place BRGR which specializes in exactly what it looks like, because she has to have a burger OR ELSE. I say "hahaha" or something equally inane, and she texts back, "Also. In birthing class. The lady made sure to tell us how vegetarian women's vaginas tear worse. Hahah."and then, " She said sewing up their vaginas is like trying to sew up tissue paper hahahahahah"


I responded, " At least I can have then sew me up nice and tight!!!" No response. What a dick, right? I mean, am I overreacting or is that a totally unkind thing to say to anyone about their vag?



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