Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi, my name is Whooping Crone and . . .

For those one or two of you who may have wondered where I was, I’ve been circling the drain in the throes of anxiety, depression, and the world’s stupidest addiction. Clicky computer/app games. For a year and a half. I hit what I intend to be the bottom on Friday, with a financial thing I won’t go into.

Another thing that happened on Friday is that Cronyboy rescued my photos from my computer that died in 2005. He is holding them hostage until I have been game free for 3 days (except for a few games that don’t draw me into a trance). I have less than a day and a half to go!  And that should be enough to break the cycle   I may also need to revisit my psych meds, but things will get better and I’ll be around here more   


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