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Hiding Out

So, I told the hubs I'd join him hanging out with a group of his buddies today. I had to drop him off and then finish a few things before I would return. Long story short, I am not too much of a fan of the ladies in the group. They dress like a bunch of "Real Housewives" and act like Regina George. I feel like Daria in a sea of Quinns all day. Also, they have a a bunch of kids under 10, who they barely tend to which is super annoying. The hubs is 100% okay with me not coming at all, but I told him that I would come to spend time with the group, because I didn't want to be "that girl" who is antisocial and bitchy. However, now that my tasks are completed, I honestly don't want to go. I am hiding out for as long as possible to avoid having to pretend to enjoy their company. Anyone else have these issues? How do you deal? The last time I had to spend time with this group I ended up surfing the web on my phone because I literally could not talk to them any more.


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