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It’s back. As we all feared they are basically making it more conservative to appease the Freedom Caucus in the House. I lifted this image from the post that Indivisible did on Facebook. These are moderate House Republicans and they are our only hope here. A vote is expected as early as Friday.

Now, the bill as it stands probably cannot pass the Senate. However, we still want to avoid it ever getting there.


You’ll see some familiar characteristics in Zombie Trumpcare: removed protection for preexisting conditions, removed mandatory coverage for maternity and emergency room visits, and most infuriatingly, removal of the mandate that Congress members must buy through the exchanges - as in, they are giving themselves the freedom to fuck the coverage available to us plebes and find their own since they can affordo it. I would in theory be fine with that if they weren’t simultaneously fucking up the rest of our options.

I have already called my House rep (who is a Democrat). If any of the above are yours, bomb ‘em with calls!

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